Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easy Money for Equine Establishments

I want to tell you about a way Equine businesses can both increase revenue and attract new clients to their premises without it costing them a penny.

It is a way for them to utilize what they already have and offer more reasons for people to come to their yard to learn and enjoy horses.

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Linda Finstad and I have earned my living in the equine industry all my life, as a trainer, riding instructor, tack shop owner and fro the last 6 years (after retraining in college) as an equine photographer.

However the last couple of years were challenging with a poor economy I noticed more and more people taking their own pictures at the horse shows and also posting their own shots when they advertise their horses for sale – these shots range from the good the bad to the down right ugly. But for many the thought of hiring a professional photographer was just out of the question on tight financial budget.

So I had to think about how my business could evolve and thrive in this “New” economy.

So I figured if more and more people are taking their own pictures - maybe I should capitalize on that and teach them how to do it well!

So I created an

“Equine Photography Workshop”.

I wanted a fun afternoon of “Hands on” photography that would promise the participants all the insider scoop on how to shoot like the pro’s.

I guarantee after attending my workshop -your chances of getting “The Shot” are improved by 100%

But that’s not the best part

I wanted to tell you about how I partner with riding schools and horse associations. So they too can increase their bottom line with very little effort and absolutely no expense.

It is such a sweet deal for everyone:

A Photography workshop is new service they can offer clients and visitors without any stress or expense. Because it is a New Service it may attract visitors to your facility who may otherwise, not have had reason to visit.

All the photography workshop participants become fabulous advocates of your facility as they share their pictures with family and friends and describe the beautiful horses. (Enthusiastic word of mouth advertising). Very often they share their pictures on Facebook opening up a world of possibilities and connections

However because I advertise it as an Equine Photography course - usually all the participants have either a love of horses or are horse owners.

Much of what I cover in the workshop involves the natural behavior and body language of horses - it is with that knowledge you can make sure you are in the right place at the right time to capture “The Shot”

The workshops are very easy to host and do not disrupt the day-to-day lessons or operations.

All the Host has to do is round up a few volunteer models and their horses, and provide the location – the workshop takes place outside and a makeshift classroom fashioned from either straw bales or picnic tables works just fine

· I look after the marketing and administration

· As host you receive 20% of the registration fees – on a full class that would be $350 (20 people is a max class size)

· You can earn extra money if you want to provide a lunch (optional)

· We provide you with a couple of posters one to advertise the workshop the other one to help you round up some volunteer models.

· Supply you with some postcards advertising the workshop (these are great for boarders or people visiting your facility to take away as they also might want to participate.

· The workshop can take place in any available outdoor location - a spare paddock or outdoor arena is perfect.

· We may scout a couple of different areas for the portrait section

· The workshop usually lasts around 4 hours so either Morning or afternoon time slots would work just fine.

· I take lots of pictures throughout the workshop of the participants and the models – these I make available to the Host Free of Charge for you to use in and future advertising or on your web site.

· I also give the models a couple of 8x10 enlargements as a Thank you gift.

As you can see it really is a win / win situation.

Please feel free to share this Money making idea, all I ask is you give "A Sharper Image - Photograhy" credit, and if you would like to talk to me - for more info

drop me a line at info@asharperimage.ca

I hope you found this information usefull

Linda Finstad

A Sharper Image Photography www.imagineitsold.ca

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