Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Purpose of a Race Horse

“The greatest gift God gave mankind ---- Was the Horse”

Horses are much more than a means of transport or beast of burden they are integral to man discovering his purpose in life.

As a Christian woman I have always strived to live life with purpose but discovering my purpose has been a life long struggle.

However when taking pictures at the race track, it became clear how interlaced the lives and purpose of those working at the track are, with the horses.

If it were not for the race horse there would be no purpose for the jockey and only a horse ridden at speed by a skilled jockey can claim to be a race horse. So they need each other to fulfill their purpose.

The trainer needs a young athletic horse to develop into a race horse however without the trainer’s expertise the horse is just a young unbroken thoroughbred with potential. Again one helps the other to fulfill his purpose in life.

These young thoroughbreds need very special care and lots of attention which is lavished on them by the groom

There are a team of people called outriders who act life life-guards to the race horses and jockeys both in training and on race day. If there were no race horses there would be no need for the outriders

Do you see a pattern developing?

This one race horse has given purpose to the lives of 4 people so far - they too have helped him become all what he could be.

The race horse has a deeper reach into the lives of still more people

The race track vet - the feed merchant – the tack and saddlery supplier – even the track photographer all depend and rely on the race horse to provide purpose.

The horse would be just as happy eating grass in a field - he doesn’t need all the work and glamour of the race track just being a horse would fulfill his purpose.

What a blessing the horse is to mankind - He puts aside his own needs and desires to help man achieve his.

“If God made anything more beautiful than the horse ………… He kept it for Himself”

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